UK Veterinary Awards 2018
....and once again a full set of nominations have been coming in for several members of our team for the 2018 Veterinary Awards organised by PetPlan.
Nominated so far were Shirley and Sophie as Veterinary Support Staff of the year, Chris as Veterinary Nurse of the Year and Wolfgang as Vet of the Year.
The clinic as a whole was also nominated as Veterinary Practice of the Year.
Once again thank you very much for all your support with these nominations and if you too would like to nominate a member of our team for these awards, then please do so at
All votes are greatly appreciated !

Vaccination against Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Typ 2

The long anticipated UK licensed vaccine against RHD Typ2 has just arrived in time to get all our rabbit patients vaccinated before the weather is getting warmer.

It is advised to vaccinate all rabbits from the age of 10 weeks and to give a booster 6 months later. As this is a very new vaccine, it should ideally be given apart from the standard combination vaccine against Myxomatosis and RHD Typ 1.

The vaccine is currently only available in 10 and 40 dose vials so that our clinic will start to run dedicated rabbit vaccination sessions against RHD Typ 2.

To book a place for your rabbit please phone us on 01344 841801 or book your place by emailing




Wolfgang at Breakfast on BBC Surrey this morning talking to Suzanne Bamborough and James Cannon about the potential risks of blue green algae.

If you have missed the interview you can hear it on BBC iPlayer starting after 1:55 h into the programme. .






And we did it again!...........
We have just received our nomination for the "UK Vet Practice of the Year 2017" competition.
Many thanks from the whole team to all of you who have voted for us (once again?....) - you made our day !



UK Vet of the Year Competition 2017

Once again both Chris (as veterinary nurse) and Wolfgang (as vet) received an early nomination for the Vet of the Year 2017 competition.
Thank you very much much to all of our clients who voted for us - it is always a great honour to receive these nominations and they mean a lot to us and to the whole team at VWVC


UK VET OF THE YEAR Nominations

Our clinic has - once again - been nominated for the UK Veterinary Practice of the Year.
In addition there have been individual nominations for Shirley and Sophie as support staff, for Vicky and Chris as Veterinary Nurses and for Ann and Wolfgang as Vets of the Year 2016.
(Just Scruffy is still hoping for his no...mination........)
These nominations mean a lot to all of us and we would like to thank everybody who has voted for us.


Anaesthesia in Exotics

Non-mammalian aneasthesias can be a challenge, even for experienced vets.
To get an update on anaesthesia and analgesia (pain relief) of birds, reptils, amphibian and aquatic patients, Wolfgang organised as part of his activities with the regional section of BSAVA, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, an evening meeting for local veterinary surgeons and vet nurses at Leatherhead Gold Club last night.
The speaker was Dan Calvo Carrasco, a r...esident of the European College of Zoological Medicine and a practicing vet at Great Western Exotics in Swindon.

Dan's presentation included updates on all the above mentioned species and also covered invertebrae, like tarantulas.

Pet Plan Award

More Nominations and Awards for the VWVC Team

There have been numerous nominations for our team again at the 2014 Veterinary Awards Event. Both Sophie and Shirley were nominated as Veterinary Support Staff of the Year and Chris was once again nominated as Veterinary Nurse of the Year. The whole clinic was nominated as the UK Veterinary Practice of the Year and Wolfgang was not only nominated again as Vet of the Year, but he also won the "Pet Savers Veterinary Achievement Award 2014", which he received at the Annual Veterinary Award Ceremony in Birmingham. Thank you very much again to all our friends, clients and colleagues who voted for us !

Thursday 10th April, 2014

and the winner is....

And the Winner is.......

We have just conducted our "Christmas Card Replacement" Charity draw and the winning charity was one of our favourite charitable causes : THE CINNAMON TRUST . They will receive a cheque from us to start off their useful work in 2014 with a small boost. (There were actually 18 different charities nominated with the Cinnamon Trust, Guide Dogs and the Blue Cross receiving more than 3 votes each). We were also able to send a cheque for £267.57 to the Blue Cross today, which represented money donated to the collection box at the reception and additional private donations. Thank you very much to all of you for voting and for your donations.


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