Neutering (Spaying and Castrating) 

Practice policy regarding the neutering of pets is as follows: 

Cats: both males and females are routinely neutered at six months of age. Un-neutered males may spray urine and become territorial, seeking out other cats to fight.

Dogs: unspayed bitches are prone to false pregnancies, mammary cancers and pyometras (womb infections). The latter are common, may be fatal, and treatment is often a emergency ovariohysterectomy, which is not always safe when the dog is old and sick. Choosing to have your bitch spayed at an earlier date avoids such dangers. Male dogs may be castrated, when necessary, to stop unwelcome behaviour such as vagrancy, hyper-sexuality and aggression, or later in life, to control prostate problems.

There are many fallacies about neutering pets; if you have any doubts about neutering your pet, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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